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Pool Inspections | Swimming Pool Compliance Inspections:

Pool Compliance Inspections

If you own a property in NSW with a swimming pool or spa pool you must comply with the latest pool compliance requirements effective from 29 April 2016. These changes have been introduced to provide additional protection and safety of children under the age of five around swimming pools. Sydney Pool Inspections provide pool inspection and pool certification services to property owners across Sydney to assist in ensuring their pool is compliant with current regulations, and most importantly, safe to prevent young children from drowning or serious injury.

Pool Compliance Inspections:

The Pool Safety Certifiers at Sydney Pool Inspections are fully insured and licensed to provide pool fence inspections and certificate of compliance across Sydney and New South Wales. We can assist Sydney residents by streamlining the pool compliance inspection and certification process. Our helpful and comprehensive pool fence inspection reports contain detailed photos and easy to understand explanations regarding non-conformity issues and suggested solutions, which will assist in achieving a compliant outcome for pool owners with minimum confusion.





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Pool Certificates of Compliance in Sydney

Renting a Property with a Pool in New South Wales

From the 29th April, 2016 if you are renting or leasing a residential property that has a backyard pool or spa you will now need to include a compliance certificate in lease contract. Pool compliance certificates are valid for period of 3 years.

Landlords - Rental Property Owners

Landlords or real estate agents must provide the tenant with a copy of the valid certificate of compliance or occupation certificate. This requirement does not apply to a lot in a strata scheme or in a community scheme if that strata or community scheme has more than two lots.

Pool Certificates of Compliance in Sydney

Buying or Selling a Property with a Pool

New South Wales homeowners who are selling their property with a backyard pool or spa after 29th April 2016 must ensure the contract includes either a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance or certificate of non-compliance.

Selling Property with a Swimming Pool or Spa

Not attaching the certificates when required may allow the purchaser to withdraw the contract within 14 days of exchange, unless settlement has already occurred. If a certificate of non-compliance is attached to the contract for sale, the vendor is transferring the obligation to obtain a certificate of compliance to the purchaser. The purchaser will have 60 days from the date of settlement to gain compliance.

Pool Certificates of Compliance in Sydney

Non-Compliant Pool Inspection Reports

If your pool has areas of non-compliance and doesn’t pass the inspection, Sydney Pool Inspections will provide you with a full written report detailing problems areas and recommended solutions.

Pre-Purchase Pool Compliance Inspections

Before you purchase or lease a property, a pre-sale pool inspection or pre-rental pool inspection can save you a lot of hassle down the track. Just as you would arrange a building and pest inspection on your potential home to make sure that it’s fit to live in, a swimming pool inspection will show just how safe the property’s pool and equipment is.

Pool Certificates of Compliance in Sydney

Pool Safety Compliance Certificate Re-Issues

A complete re-inspection of your pool, fences and surrounds to assess compliance after the expiration of the Pool Compliance Certificate, valid for a period of 3 years, based on current NSW swimming pool and swimming pool fence regulations.

Re-Issues of an existing Pool Certificate

Once areas of non-compliance have been addressed and your pool meets the required standard, we will issue you with a Pool Compliance Certificate.

Pool Inspection Services:

Sydney Pool Inspections is a dedicated swimming pool compliance certificate service. As registered E1 Swimming Pool Certifiers, our inspectors are licensed to issue pool fence compliance certificates on complying pool barriers. We are also highly knowledgable on all aspects of pool fencing and materials including aluminium, timber and glass pool fencing.

A compliance inspection on your swimming pool or spa will generally take between 30 – 60 minutes to complete. As part of a pool compliance inspection, all areas of the pool fence will be inspected including pool gates, fencing panels, boundary fencing or structures used as part of the pool barrier. If the barrier is found to be compliant and meets the NSW pool fencing regulations, a pool compliance certificate can be issued.

Since April 28 2o16 NSW properties with a swimming pool or spa require a pool compliance certificate prior to a property being leased or when it is sold. A Pool Compliance Certificate can only be issued once the entire pool barrier has been inspected and found to be compliant. The certificate is valid of a period of 3 years from its issue date. To view if a pool is registered on a property or has a compliance certificate, view the NSW Government’s Pool Register.

This service involves a pool certifier visiting the property and providing advice and certification issues. The advice inspection is verbal only and does not come with a written report like a general pool fence compliance inspection. This is a great service for a prospective buyer or home owner who is only after advice and not a formal inspection.

Repairs to pool fencing is often needed to make your pool fence compliance. Adjustments to gates that no-longer self-close, replacement of pool fence panels that are damaged/non-compliant or perhaps the installation of a whole new pool barrier. Although we do not complete pool fencing repairs ourselves, we can recommend skilled pool fencing installers with experience is glass, timber and aluminium pool fencing. From minor pool fence repairs to a complete aluminium or glass pool fence – they can do it all!

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I recently used Sydney Pool Inspections when rented out my house. They made the whole process easy and i had my certificate the very next day – thanks guys

Carey Bellrock, Hurstville