Rockdale NSW Pool Compliance Certificates:

Pool Compliance Certificates Rockdale NSWChanges to the NSW pool fencing regulations now require swimming pool owners in Rockdale to obtain a pool compliance certificate prior to leasing or selling. This affects all Rockdale properties with a swimming pool or spa.


Pool Compliance Inspections Rockdale:

Pool Compliance Inspections Rockdale NSWA Pool Compliance Inspection Rockdale take around 30-60 minutes to complete depending on the size and complexity of the pool fencing. Our pool certifiers can assist in making any private or commercial swimming pool in Rockdale compliant, no matter the scenario.

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Sydney Pool Inspections are a locally based pool fence compliance company servicing Rockdale and surrounding areas.

Sydney Pool Inspections provide the following services in Rockdale NSW:

  • Pool Compliance Inspections Rockdale
  • Pool Compliance Certificates Rockdale
  • Pool Fencing Advice Rockdale
  • Pool Fencing Repairs Rockdale