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Pool Fence Repairs: Sydney | NSW

Over time pool fencing components can deteriorate and fail to function correctly.

Pool gates often fail to self-close or self-latch which can required the installation of new hinges and or latching devices. The water in swimming pools is corrosive and over time can rust out pool fence panels and footings. Sydney Pool Inspections can recommend tradesman who are experienced in pool fence and gate repairs, big or small.

Pool Fencing Installation:

Pool Fence Installation & Repairs

Many properties across Sydney and greater NSW will require the installation of a new pool fence in order to gain a pool fencing compliance certificate. Depending on the property style and budget constraints, a range of different pool fencing materials can be used to create a compliance barrier. Three of the most common styles of pool fencing include:

  • Glass Pool Fencing – A installation of a frameless or semi-frameless pool fence can allow for a compliant pool barrier without the compromise on your view. Glass pool fencing can add elegance and improve the aesthetics of the pool area. To find out more about the installation of glass poolfencing or to arrange a quote, contact us today.
  • Aluminium Pool Fencing – Available in arrange of colours and styles, aluminium pool fencing is a great in-expensive way to update your pool fencing without breaking the budget. Aluminium panels used as part of a pool barrier must meet AS1926.1 strength and rigidity testing.
  • Timber Pool Fencing – Often used as a boundary fence, timber pool fencing is the most versatile as it can be easily cut to size and customised to solve difficult compliance issues. Although mostly used for boundary fencing, timber pool fencing can look great in the right scenario.

To find out more about the installation of a new pool fence, pool fencing repairs or the different styles of complying panels available visit Sydney Pool Fencing.


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